Top 10 Sexiest Korean Women Alive 2011

Here comes what you all have been waiting for. The Top 10 Sexiest korean woman alive 2011. For those of you who are not familiar, the Korean entertainment industry is very prosperous in East Asia, that it offers a great deal of influence across most Asian countries. They even created a vocabulary to describe this phenomenon “Hallyu”, meaning Korean Wave. Many famous pop singers in South Korea are also great dancers in general. In movies you’ve probably heard of at least couple great Korean flicks such as Oldboy and Tae Guk Gi (The Brotherhood of War).

But the most profitable sector of the business comes from their success in TV dramas, where strong fan base can be found in all East Asian countries. Because of its popularity, many singers are not afraid to cross the line and take on acting in dramas. Check out the list below and speak out what think.

Kwon Yuri (born December 5, 1989) also known by her given name Yuri, is a South Korean idol singer, Dancer, Actress and Promotional model. She is member of popular south korean girl group, Girls' Generation. Her position is Lead Dancer and Vocalist.
Kwon Yuri was born in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea on December 5, 1989. She auditioned at the SM Entertainment Casting System and joined the company in 2001 after finishing in second place in the 2001 SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. She then underwent training for 5 years and 11 months before her debut.
She graduated from NeungGok High School in 2008 and is currently attending at Chung-Ang University along with fellow group member, Sooyoung and Seungri of Big Bang.
The best dancer in Girls’ Generation may be Hyoyeon, the member with the most aegyo, Sunny, but when it comes to the sexiest member in Girls’ Generation, it’s hands down…Yuri. You will be mesmerized during her scenes in “Hoot,” and “Tell Me Your Wish?”
Kim Shi-hyang is racing model, who was recently voted as the #1 race queen most men would like to go on a holiday with, currently has a reality series on South Korea’s Comedy TV.The series is called Kim Shi-hyang’s Guys and it follows the sexy race queen on her dating adventures with three men. The foxy lady stands 174cm tall.

Kim Yubin (also spelt Yoobin), is a South Korean idol singer, rapper, actress, model and MC. She is the main rapper of the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, which debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007.
Yubin (유빈) was born in Gwangju,South Korea on October 4, 1988. She attended JungAm Elementary School and Anyang High School for a while before moving to San Jose, California, where she studied at Leland High School. She currently attends Myongji University. Prior to her debut with the Wonder Girls, Yubin was originally set to debut as a member of girl group, Five Girls (오소녀) under Good Entertainment, along with G.NA, After Schools UEE, Secrets Hyosung and former T-ara member and actress Yang Jiwon. However, the group disbanded shortly before their scheduled debut in 2007 due to Good Entertainment's financial troubles and the members all left for separate Korean entertainment companies.

Tiffany (Born Stephanie Hwang on August 1, 1989), is a Korean-American idol singer and member of the K-Pop girl group Girls' Generation, where she is one of the main vocalists.
Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up in Diamond Bar, California as the youngest of three siblings. She was born in the same hospital as her fellow Girls' Generation member, Jessica. She auditioned at the SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles. She was trained for 3 years and 7 months in SM Entertainment. Although Tiffany graduated from Korea Kent Foreign School on April 2007, she had attended primary and secondary schools in California - South Pointe Middle School (US) and Diamond Bar High School (US). Tiffany speaks fluent English, Korean and conversational Japanese and Chinese.

Boa Kwon, commonly stylized and known by her stage name BoA, which is a backronym for Beat of Angel, is a Korean singer, active in South Korea, Japan, and the United States and sometimes referred to as the "Queen of Korean Pop Music".
BoAs stage presence is unbeatable. She doesnt need revealing costumes or scandalous choreography to be talked about. She uses her love of unique make-up, powerful songs and instantly classic dances instead.

G.NA may have just made her debut in the korean music scene but shes been all over the news and on variety shows due to both her vocal talent and her famous body. Her glamorous body is usually the subject of her interviews and shes insisted shes all natural more than once. Cue the CM offers!

Park Bom gives 2NE1s hip-hop/R&B/pop image a sexy edge…especially on stage. Her trademarks include her long hair, thick eyeliner and micro skirts. Even though there were a few controversial articles about the length of her dresses, mini-dresses are always a plus!

Jeon Ji-Hyun began her career as a model in 1997, and soon became an actress in dramas until 1999 when she moved on to films. Her second movie II Mare was proved to be successful, but it was her breakthrough performance in the romantic comedy, My Sassy Girl, that earned her the Best Actress honor in Daejong Film Festival in 2002. Jeons other great movies include Windstruck and Daisy.

Lee Hyo-Ri is the highest-paid female pop singers in South Korea. Famous for her killer look and sexual image, she started off as the lead singer of the popular K-pop girl group Fin.K.L. in 1998, but has since become a solo artist. She also appeared in a few TV dramas, but none of those received good praise from the public.

Song Hye-Kyo is currently the most popular Korean actress in Asia. Song made her debut by winning the Grand Prize in model search in SunKyung Smart and starring in a Sunday morning drama called Happy Morning in 1996. She starred in number of hit dramas including All In, Autumn Fairy Tale, and Full House. Due to her popularity she can be seen frequently on advertisements when she is not acting. Song is currently filming in Director John Woos latest work, 1949, in Hong Kong.

Son Ye-Jin made her acting debut in the drama Delicious Proposal. She later went on to films and has had great success in the filming industry. Some of her best movies include The Classic, A Moment to Remember, Open City, and My Wife Got Married.

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